Ep 000: Jyotsna Ramachandran: Why should you self-publish your book?

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Jyotsna Ramachandran is the founder of  Happy Self Publishing, which has helped over 100 authors since its inception in January 2016. Since creating Happy Self Publishing, Jyotsnahas noticed that there are an increasing number of people who’d like to self-publish their books but are doubtful when it comes to the process behind it. She decided to create The Happy Self Publishing Show as a means to address these issues.

Each episode, she’ll be answering a commonly asked question by interviewing a self-published author who has successfully handled that scenario. In this introductory episode, she talks about the 3 of the most common myths she has encountered about self-publishing and why should one choose self-publishing over traditional publishing. She explains the benefits by discussing the case study of Hal Elrod, celebrated self-published author of The Miracle Morning Series.
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