Get your Book Professionally Edited

However well written your book is, it does not get the professional touch unless it gets edited and proofread by a good editor.

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Many great books have attracted negative reviews just because of minor errors that were overlooked by the author.

Our team of editors can help you avoid these mistakes and create a high-quality book that you’ll be proud of.

Our editors are not like English teachers who would just find flaws in your writing.

Their job is to understand the subject of your book, evaluate your manuscript and provide constructive feedback.

They will also take special care to ensure your style of writing and voice gets retained while polishing the book.

Content Editing

Content editing, also known as developmental editing, looks at the overall structure of the book. The editor checks your manuscript for factual errors, discrepancies and a logical flow. After evaluating your book, the editor may ask you to re-write some portions of the book.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is typically done after the content editing phase. This involves evaluating the book for the sentence structure. The editor will look at your writing style, sentence formation, usage of words and provide inputs on bringing more clarity to every sentence.


Proofreading is the final stage of editing. This is where the editor will look for mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. in order to make your book error-free. If you have the budget for just 1 round of editing, this is what you should go for.

Comprehensive Editing

3 rounds of editing: content editing, copy editing and proofreading

Most of our clients prefer this option as this makes their book look extremely professional. Our editing team takes about 1 week for the 1st round. After receiving your feedback, we may take another week to finish the other 2 rounds.

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Copy Editing

1 round of copy editing and proofreading

We recommend you to go for all 3 types of editing. However, if you are very confident about the content of your book and need help only with the copy editing and proofreading, you can choose this option.

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