How To Create A Showstopping Author Bio Page On Amazon

Once first time authors have self published their books, they’ll setup their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) accounts in hopes of making their first sale. However, many will skip a crucial step – setting up an Amazon Author Central account!

As the platform that ultimately allows writers to build their Author Pages on Amazon, Amazon Author Central’s ability to help you track book sales, see and respond to reviews, interact with your audience, fix issues with your listings and add editorial reviews to each of your books is invaluable to your overall self publishing business.
Any author with a book listed for sale on Amazon can sign up for an Amazon Author Central account.

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Ep 003: Dave Chesson: How to pick the right keywords to improve your book’s searchability?

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In today’s episode, celebrated Kindle entrepreneur Dave Chesson sits down with us to discuss the three questions he asks himself in order to pick the right keywords to improve a book’s searchability. Learn how to boost your book’s clicks on Amazon, double your sales and be shown at the top of search results with the Kindlepreneur himself or, as we like to call him, the keyword king!

Dave founded the Kindlepreneur after working with self published authors for years and realizing that their number one problem had nothing to do with writing the book, but about marketing it once it was published. Since then, his SEO tactics and marketing tips have helped hundreds of authors learn how to turn their self published books into bestsellers.
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