How To Create A Showstopping Author Bio Page On Amazon

Once first time authors have self published their books, they’ll setup their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) accounts in hopes of making their first sale. However, many will skip a crucial step – setting up an Amazon Author Central account!

As the platform that ultimately allows writers to build their Author Pages on Amazon, Amazon Author Central’s ability to help you track book sales, see and respond to reviews, interact with your audience, fix issues with your listings and add editorial reviews to each of your books is invaluable to your overall self publishing business.
Any author with a book listed for sale on Amazon can sign up for an Amazon Author Central account.

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Ep 021: The Merrymaker Sisters: Is it a good idea to sell my book exclusively on my website?

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In today’s episode, we sit down with the Merrymaker Sisters to discuss whether selling your book exclusively on your site versus via traditional online retailers such as Amazon is a good idea. As the founders of a lifestyle empire that reaches over 1.5 million readers each year, the Merrymaker Sisters recently published their latest cookbook, Get Merry, and have been selling it exclusively to their existing audience on their website. Join us as they highlight the pros and cons of avoiding traditional online retailers and going the DIY route when it comes to making book sales.
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