Ep 014: Michal Stawicki: How to get the best ROI from Amazon ads?

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Not a natural marketer? Join us as we interview Michal Stawicki to learn how to see your best-ever ROI on Amazon ads. As a serial entrepreneur and author, Michal has written an impressive 15 books in the past three years along and is the founder of ExpandBeyondYourself.com. In this episode, he explains how to experiment with Amazon ads to boost your book’s search ranking and see an overall increase in sales. Michal highlights all of the details you’ll need to know, from how to set up the ads to how to research which keywords to include in them, how to set keyword prices and more.
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jaya ramachandran

Ep 012: Jaya Ramachandran: When there are so many books written by experts, who will read my book?

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In episode 12 of our podcast, we sat down with Jaya Ramachandran to discuss how authors can overcome self-doubt and stop comparing themselves to experts within their niche. As the bestselling author of Bounce Back With Power, Jaya Ramachandran quit her 9 to 5 job and has since become a serial entrepreneur in the self-development and coaching space. She highlights the importance of finding your authentic voice as an author, connecting with your audience and sharing content from your own perspective in order to produce a book that ultimately stands out from the pack.
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How To Successfully Convert Your Book Into An Online Course

With the online learning sector projected to generate over USD 100 billion in 2017, virtual education is in its prime. People feel a lot more comfortable spending money for educational purposes online than they once did, and this mindset shift has paved the way for 95% of American universities to start offering e-learning outlets, as well as for a variety of bloggers and professionals to begin adapting their content into online course format.

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Ep 005: Chandler Bolt: How to effectively run a free shipping launch of your physical book?

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In today’s episode, we sit down with Chandler Bolt to learn how to effectively run a free shipping launch of a physical book. Chandler is the author of 6 bestselling books including “Book Launch” and the recently released “Published”. He’s also the founder & CEO of Self-Publishing School, an incredibly valuable online resource for writing a book. Through his books, training videos, and Self-Publishing School, he’s helped thousands of people on their journey towards becoming authors.

An emerging trend in today’s self-publishing market is for authors to give away their paperback books for free. Join us as Chandler discusses shipping funnels and click funnels, and breaks down the economics behind CTAC, COGS and AOV in order to help make your book release profitable!

Hoping to grow your business and income? Chandler can help show you how to HERE. Be sure to also check out his FREE bestselling e-book on how to become an author in just 90 days.

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The Importance Of An Accountability Partner For Authors & Entrepreneurs

While there are countless benefits to becoming an entrepreneur or author, the one drawback that isn’t often highlighted is that it can be a slightly lonely process. Sure, the work you’re doing is fulfilling and working for yourself is incredibly liberating. You’re disciplined for the most part, and are thriving without a boss looking over your shoulder! However, you miss hearing other people’s feedback and working on projects in a team setting. And you’ve been finding yourself procrastinating a little bit more than usual lately..

Part of the creative process involves bouncing ideas back and forth, and sometimes you wish there was somebody else around to provide their opinion. Not to mention – you could do with a little boost of motivation to stay focused when the urge to give in to distraction hits, or valuable advice that would help you map out the best way to reach your goals.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Become An Author

“I want to write a book, but I’ve heard that only a small percentage of them actually sell. If I won’t actually make any money off all the time I’ve spent writing, what’s the point?”

We can’t tell you how many times prospective clients and hesitant first-time authors have voiced this concern to us.

Granted, many books don’t actually generate enough revenue from sales alone to match your salary for the year – let alone the month. However, the benefits they can bring to your business will manifest themselves in a myriad of other ways. Read on to find out how.

To Share Your Knowledge Or Message With The World

If you think you have something important to say, chances are somebody else in the world would agree. Provided you have a unique angle in mind, there is almost always an audience for any possible topic a book could cover – regardless of how obscure yours might be! The tough part is figuring out how to share your knowledge in a manner that people could relate to or in a way that would capture their interest until the very last page.

Have confidence in the information or message you’d like to spread. You already think it’s valuable – now it’s time to convince your future readers to agree. Once you’ve managed to tap into your target audience’s interests and have them read your book, you’ve set the wheels in motion for the marketing process that will soon unfold and help your business flourish.

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How To Invite Experts To Be A Part Of Your Book Project

When I published Job Escape Plan: The 7 Steps to Build a Home Business, Quit your Job and Enjoy the Freedom, readers kept asking how I managed to get leading experts such as John Lee Dumas, Steve Scott, Nick Loper, Rob Cubbon, Stefan Pylarinos and others to provide interviews for the book. Then, when my husband Girish Kumar’s book The Marriage Mantra was published, people were once again curious about how he was able to land a foreword from Brian Tracy and interviews with Karan Bajaj, Dave Chesson and 8 other authorities.

It is a known fact that including influencers’ perspectives and testimonials in your book lends you increased credibility as an author and adds more value to the content for readers. Yet while all of that sounds fantastic, how can a first time author with no connections to these experts achieve this?

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