Ep 017: Hynek Palatin: How do I ensure that my book is well-formatted?

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Prague-based Hynek Palatin is a self-published book author and designer who specializes in e-book and paperback formatting. Join us as he highlights what authors should look out for when formatting their book and shares his valuable tips and tricks for creating the most attractive manuscript possible. Having designed a multitude of projects, Hynek is a leading authority on formatting and can help authors ensure that their book’s interior design is professional, consistent and well-executed.
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7 Incredibly Simple Ways to Conquer Writer’s Block

7 Incredibly Simple Ways to Conquer Writer’s Block

Admit it…

You’ve caught a bad case of writer’s block.

You fear your work sucks, and there’s no chance of finishing your book.

You’ve listened to podcasts and read books that teach you how to write.

Yet, the words just don’t want to come out, right?

But maybe it’s not you’re fault.

Maybe you just need a few more tools in your writer’s belt. Read More