How To Organize A Podcast Tour To Promote Your Recently Launched Book

Appearing on podcasts can easily become one of the single most effective efforts in your book marketing plan. With over 200,000 podcasts being recorded in the United States alone, the medium is a relatively new marketing platform that easily enables authors (or any other professional) to reach a wider audience than they ever would on their own digital channels. Many authors report seeing an instant spike in their Amazon sales after being interviewed by a podcast host, made possible especially by the fact that hosts select their guests based on whether or not the discussion would be of benefit to their audiences. In short, podcast hosts have already done the extra legwork of exploring a niche, building an audience and figuring out what they do and don’t respond to. All you have to do is show up, talk about your book and engage them!

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Ep 013: Kathryn Jones: How to create a valuable team to support your book’s launch?

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Join us as we sit down with marketing guru Kathryn Jones to discuss how authors can build a valuable launch team to propel their book’s sales immediately after its release. As the bestselling author of Automate Your Routines, Guarantee Your Results, Kathryn employed her savvy marketing know-how to attract over 560 people to her first book’s launch team in April 2016. Their reviews and support enabled her book to hit Amazon’s bestseller list and drew significant attention to her business, Automate Academy. In our latest episode, Kathryn shares how to change your pitching perspective, cater to your audience’s interests and employ simple marketing tactics to ultimately build an actionable book launch team.
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