How To Implement The Ideal Content Strategy To Grow Your Author Brand

In today’s ever-expanding digital era, it’s no longer enough for authors to only write a book. Sure, you might have written the very best book within your niche, but your sales will eventually lose momentum unless you start producing accompanying content to blast to your audience via newsletters, e-mail marketing automations, your blog, social platforms and more!

Why is a carefully curated content strategy so important for authors?

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Ep 016: Honorée Corder: What’s the best writing method to follow when you’re co-writing a book?

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In today’s episode, we asked Honorée Corder about which writing methods were best to follow when co-authoring a book. As the author-entrepreneur behind over 20 books, including the bestselling You Must Write A Book, Honorée has worked with numerous co-authors, including the famed Hal Elrod. Join us as Honorée highlights the benefits of partnering with a co-author, how to pick the right one and the ideal practices to make the working process between the two of you more efficient.
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