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“I got the opportunity to check out Happy Self Publishing’s work while writing the Foreword for the book The Marriage Mantra, which was published by them. I was quite impressed with the quality of books they produce. They have a team of talented & professional designers, editors, formatters and project managers who make publishing easy, fast and affordable for their clients. As they are a one stop destination for publishing, I would highly recommend their services to all my author friends.” – Brian Tracy, who has written the foreword for The Marriage Mantra


“I’ve been looking to “level up” my book covers, so I decided to give Happy Self Publishing a try.  My first book cover was excellent!  I loved how Sushmitha (the project manager) provided a brief that helped me drill down the concept for this book AND then she sent 8 cover mock ups that matched my needs. It was great to work through this process and now I’ve already ordered a second cover design for my next book.  I highly recommend the Happy Self Publishing service!” – Steve Scott, co-author of Level Up Your Day


“Very reasonable prices both a la carte and in the whole package. Good communication. Excellent flexibility. I love getting several options to choose from. Working with them was always a pleasure. I highly recommend Happy Self Publishing for indie authors.” – Michal Stawicki author of Making Business Connections that Count


“As a brand new independent author, this was the first time I had to get a cover created. Happy Self Publishing took my brain dump of random thoughts and created a perfect cover. They were very patient with my requested changes, and always answered every question I had. They were very easy to work with, and I will use them again! ” – Scotty Studer, author of Small Changes, Big Results


“HSP were prompt, professional, and very responsive to my cover design requirements and changes. I would recommend them for anyone wanting a quality book cover design. Mine received many compliments!” – Jeanette Martin, author of Write Your Book at Fifty


“Not only did getting my book formatted by Happy Self Publishing meant it looks excellent, but it was one less headache for me to deal with at the pointy end of the whole process. They were super responsive and helpful with changes. ” – Kylie Ansett, author of 10 Years Younger


“I wanted a professional looking product and Happy Self Publishing didn’t disappoint. Seeing my manuscript bright to life almost brought me to tears. My readers have responded excellently to it and the HSP team was very dedicated to getting me an excellent product.” – Kathryn Jones, author of Automate Your Routines Guarantee Your Results


“I requested for formatting my book for Createspace and it was professionally done. It looked clean and neat. I could rely on their expertise and not worry about whether or not the book would be accurately formatted. It turned out perfect. Thanks for a great experience.” – Peggy Chan, author of Diabetes


“Jyotsna and here team are easy to work with and hit every deadline as promised. Very professional and responsive!” – Greg Koorhan, author of Don’t Sell Me, Tell Me


“I had a great experience working with Happy Self-Publishing for formatting and cover design. They’re easy to work with, quick to respond, and the results looked great.” – Robert Van Tongeren, author of Effortless Outfits


“My experience with HSP was phenomenal! I have recommended them to anyone that will listen and will continue to do so! I can’t wait till I’m ready for book 2 and I get to work with them again. HSP captured the nurturing, loving aspect of my book flawlessly and I couldn’t be happier! ” – Amber Brogly, author of Parenting Built on Love


“You know, its hard to find good, reliable, professional, effective people to accomplish the jobs we pay them for. HSP was 100% worth my time, money and experience. They are AMAZING! Start to finish, 100% top notch. Thank you!!!!” – Brad Whisnant, author of The Essential Acupuncturist Guide to Head & Neck Pain


“After completing the final draft for my first book, it was time to pick a cover. Happy Self Publishing was recommended, and when I looked at their work, it seemed high quality and affordable. I really had no idea what I wanted my cover to look like, so I decided to give these professionals a try and was not disappointed. They gave me 6 initial covers to choose from and the final cover looked very professional. They were easy to work with and cost-effective. I would definitely recommend.” – Tiffany Allen, author of Carry On and Ditch the Baggage


“This is an excellent resource for indie authors. The book cover designs are worth the price and are better than what you’d find on I knew that if I wanted an excellent book cover, I’d have to spend at least $300 on 99 Designs or some other service. Fortunately, I discovered this service, which gave me a professional Barnes and Noble-worthy design at half the price. I’m definitely using them again. Highly recommended.” – Michael Wilkinson, author of A Father’s Guide to Raising Daughters


“Happy Self Publishing creates amazing book covers that sell books. Jyotsna and her team deliver on what they promise, by providing authors with the tools and resources to build a successful author business. I’ll be using HSP services even more in the near future because they are helping to build my books into a real business that adds value to readers.” – Scott Allan, author of Rejection Free


“I’m a singer who runs a business providing entertainment for venues and event agencies. Happy Self Publishing formatted my eBook written for singers and live music performers. They were on the ball from the first contact. Proactive, professional, timely and accomodating. Nothing was ever too much trouble. Very impressed and very happy with their work.” – Evelyn Duprai, author of Beyond Your Voice


“As a first time author, Happy Self Publishing was very supportive. Not only did they format my book quickly, they willingly corrected the errors I made in sending my material. They answered all my questions, responding sooner than I expected, and never once making me feel like the newbie I was. Their work is excellent and the cost is more than reasonable. I would highly recommend their services to new or experienced authors.” – Mikey Sackman, author of The Restless Hunter


“This was my first book, and I was very nervous about things. But from first inquiry to final sign-off, I had a great experience with Sushmitha, Jyotsna, and Happy Self Publishing. They responded right away to questions and suggestions. They were patient with me being a rookie. I will definitely be back working with them when my second book is ready–strongest recommendation possible!” – Jim Duffy, author of Eastern Shore Road Trips


“Detailed in their formatting and responsive to client requests.” – Linda Kuriloff, author of The Charm of Confrontation


“I am very pleased with their formatting service. I plan on using it for my future books.” – Michael Unks, author of Become the Ace