As busy schedules take precedent in our daily lives, many of us find ourselves too busy to read much between all of the projects we’re juggling at any given moment. At Happy Self Publishing, we’re a huge fan of podcasts – we can put them on while working, running errands or simply just multi-tasking like the productive bunch we are! Not only are they efficient, but they allow us to learn and absorb as we’re checking items off our seemingly endless to-do lists.

In no particular order, here are eight podcasts that our team members are listening to and loving right now. Enjoy!

Authority Self Publishing

Hosted by bestselling authors Steve Scott and Barrie Davenport and entrepreneur Ron Clendenin, the Authority Self Publishing podcast primarily covers Amazon Kindle publishing strategies on the KDP platform. They also provide a number of useful marketing tactics that authors can use to promote their books and, in turn, grow their businesses. Tune in every Monday and Thursday – each episode lasts 30 minutes.

As well, we highly recommend visiting the Authority Self Publishing site to gain access to a wealth of invaluable publishing, marketing and writing resources!

The Author Hangout

Much like its name, the Author Hangout podcast was created as an on air destination for authors to get together and help each other navigate the self publishing world. Hosted by, the show focuses heavily on equipping authors with the necessary tools to effectively market their books and create long term strategies to gain leads and sell more. Other helpful topics include social media for authors, becoming a bestselling author and more. Browse their library of over 130 episodes here.

Writestream Radio Network

Rather than one podcast, the Writestream Radio Network offers current and aspiring authors a multitude of different shows based on their interests. Founded by writers Daria Anne and Lisa Tarves in 2013, the network celebrates creative expression and offers something to just about any kind of listener. The podcasts featured highlight everything from motivational coaching for authors to writing tips, productivity hacks, book planning help, fiction discussions and more. Whether you’re hoping to become an author or are just passionate about the written word, the Writestream Radio Network offers a myriad of topics to keep you entertained, motivated and educated.

The Creative Penn Podcast

Hosted by Joanna Penn, the Creative Penn podcast is sponsored by Kobo Writing Life and features interviews with authors, inspirational coaching, writing tips, creative resources, publishing options, book marketing advice and discussions about entrepreneurship. The Creative Penn is an incredibly successful website in and of itself, and is recognized as one of the most helpful destinations for self published authors today. Tune in for a new episode every Monday, or browse through a library of over 300 episodes and counting!

Author Marketing Institute Podcast

Author Jim F. Kukral founded the Author Marketing Institute  after signing a contract for his first book with a large publishing firm in 2009, only to realize that much of the book’s marketing was left in his own hands. As such, he created the site in 2010 to provide tools, advice and training for authors to use free of charge. The Author Marketing Institute podcast acts as a one stop shop for authors to learn the tips and tricks necessary to building a successful author platform, selling more books and discovering new readers.

The Sell More Books Show

The Sell More Books Show is hosted by Jim Kukral, an award-winning Internet marketing professional, and Brynn Cohen, the author behind nearly 30 books. It is a weekly podcast that is focused on helping new and experienced authors stay up to date with the latest trends in self-publishing as well as independent book selling and marketing strategies. These guys really know their stuff – Jim Kukral was named as one of the most influential small business people on Twitter, while Bryan has written a number of books about amping up creativity and coming up with innovative writing ideas. Tune into the podcast here.

Kobo Writing Life Podcast

Hosted by Kobo Writing Life, a DIY publishing portal for authors, the Kobo Writing Life podcast features exciting interviews with bestselling authors, tips for writing and advice for successfully self publishing. We like this podcast because it presents self publishing from a different angle – that of a publishing platform. Browse through over 70 episodes with bestselling authors and influencers including Joanna Penn, Affinity Konar and more!

Self Publishing Roundtable

Although the Self Publishing Roundtable podcast recently recorded its last episode, authors can gain a wealth of knowledge by browsing through its selection of over 171 interviews and discussions. Hosted by authors Wade Finnegan, Xavier Granville, Erica Conroy and more, it offers a broad, multi-faceted look at the self publishing industry as a whole and helps writers understand its many branches. This is a great place to go to broaden your views about writing, story ideas and creativity.

The Side Hustle Show


The reality is that many of today’s authors also moonlight as entrepreneurs, writing books in order to further their personal brand and businesses. Hosted by Nick Loper, of Side Hustle Nation fame, the Side Hustle Show podcast provides tips and resources for part-time entrepreneurs looking for ideas, actionable tips to start a business and killer strategies on how to turn their side hustle dreams into a growing business. It covers all aspects of starting a business and making money (online and offline), including small business marketing, sales, websites, social media marketing, blogging, time management, and more.

The Portfolio Life

Hosted by bestselling author and entrepreneur Jeff Goins, The Portfolio Life shares thoughts and ideas that will help listeners pursue work that matters, make a difference with their art and discover their creative voices! This is an excellent show for authors and artists of all type to listen to in hopes of connecting with their inner passions and unleashing as much creative energy as possible.

And of course, we couldn’t resist the temptation to promote our very own podcast – the Happy Self Publishing show! Tune in every Tuesday and Friday as we interview thought leaders in the self publishing world, our clients and bestselling authors.

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