Do you want to know how you can convert readers into paying customers?

Many authors are also entrepreneurs, and for them, a book isn’t just about sharing their message with the world. They also want it to help position them as a leading expert in their industry, and they use their book as a key marketing tool to attract new customers.

But how can you make your readers and followers convert into customers?

Connecting with your reader after they’ve finished reading your book requires two methods:

  1. Push method
  2. Pull method

Let’s take a look at how you can use these two methods to connect with your audience after they’ve read the final page of your book:

The Push Method

This method involves getting your readers onto your email list or into your Facebook Chat. The goal is to put them in a position where you can begin pushing some useful information their way.

You can do this by offering a form of free content which will act as a lead magnet to collect people’s emails. I always suggest that our clients give away something like a free action guide, a self-assessment test, an audio book, a short video series or a downloadable resource guide.

Remind the reader that you have additional valuable information for them and that they will need to leave their email to retrieve that information. You can add a notice of this relevant content in the beginning, middle or end of the book as a way to push people to take action.

Once your readers agree and click to download the free bonus item, you will receive their permission to start emailing them to help sell your product or service.

The Pull Method

The pull method helps you to establish a closer relationship with your readers by building their trust in you. You can achieve this by asserting your authority in the introduction chapter of your book. Show your readers that you are qualified enough to talk about that subject by talking about your journey and authentically share what you went through.

People like people that they can relate to. Nobody’s perfect, so don’t be afraid to share what mistakes you made in the past and how you overcame your struggle. You can then share that one thing you did to achieve the excellent results that have led to the publication of your book.

Throughout your book, you can win your reader’s trust by discussing case studies, testimonials from your clients and the results you’ve produced for other people. This will help to pull your readers into your story and encourage them to develop trust for you and your brand.

Continue to talk about the details of your work towards the end of the book in an author bio or about page. Include relevant information that you want your readers to know such as the services you provide, courses you offer alongside your contact information, social media links and email address. By this stage, your readers are completely convinced that you are the person who can take them to the next level and they will reach out and contact you.

By using the push and pull method, you can successfully convert your readers into life-long customers.

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