Are you an author who is looking for multiple revenue streams?

There is a wealth of opportunities for authors to make additional income from books and one concept that I want to introduce you to is the Youpreneur ecosystem.

A Youpreneur is an entrepreneurial person who builds a business around their personal brand.

I believe that every author is an Youpreneur and it can open up so many opportunities. Building an ecosystem around your book enables you to grow lucrative revenue streams for your brand and your business.

My virtual mentor and author Chris Ducker talks in depth about this subject in his book ‘Rise of the Youpreneur’ <>

The idea is to think beyond the book. Assess how your followers digest the information that you provide and think about how you can truly serve them in all aspects of your knowledge and expertise.

Providing free content is a great way to build your brand and online following and it provides an engaging outlay to help others. It also undeniably boosts book sales. The question is how do you then take that to the next level?

The answer is by implementing premium, paid for services.

Free content is wonderful, but people often don’t see any urgency to take it seriously. When people pay a fee, they are more motivated and dedicated to take their understanding to the next level. Offering paid for content on a deeper level truly serves the audience that you have already built.

Let’s look at the 7 revenue streams that I think you should consider.

#1: Have multiple versions of your book

Don’t stop at an eBook format. Create a paperback version very simply by using online software. It will help you to engage with a wider community.

Audio books are becoming more and more popular as people digest books in different formats to fit around their busy lives. Record your book yourself or professionally and then upload it online. Your audience should follow.

#2: Offer coaching and consulting programs

Don’t underestimate your personal expertise. You’ve already got a lot of knowledge from writing your book so embrace this by turning that knowledge into a profitable revenue stream. This could be in the form of one-to-one or group coaching programs or by offering consulting packages to corporate companies.

#3: Become an affiliate marketer

Promote products that you truly believe in. If you like it, the chances are that your audience will do as well. By promoting the things that work for you, you save other people the time of searching for it themselves.

This works really well in online communities and you will receive a small amount of money each time a person buys something through an affiliate link that you provide.

#4: Provide online courses

Serve your audience at a higher level by providing online courses. This allows you to go into much more detail about specific areas of the book’s topic and you could include bonus features, videos, checklists or interviews. Your audience will pay money to access good quality high-value content.

#5: Build your own membership sites

Building a community is a long-term project and it needs maintaining but it is a great way to keep the excitement about your book’s topic online. Your membership site should offer great content and be an engaging and inspiring space for people to socialize in. You don’t have to maintain this on a daily basis as members of the community will answer questions and start debates on your behalf.

#6: Provide ‘done for you’ services

Some people will want to take your expertise to the next level in their lives, but only with your help. Offer a ‘done for you’ service where you will take control of all the logistical steps. Execute a great service to serve your clients and scale your brand and business. This works really well for us here at Happy Self Publishing.

#7: Conduct Live events

People love the vibe and energy that comes with attending a live event. Whether it’s a one-day course, a retreat or being a speaker on a multi-person platform, it gives your community a chance to personally engage with you. The power of this shouldn’t be underestimated.

This is an amazing experience for someone who follows and respects you as a brand. It’s also a great chance to explore running large ticketed events and reaping the financial benefits that these have the potential to bring.

I’d love to hear about what revenue streams appeal to you. Please go ahead and schedule a call and I look forward to speaking with you.