“I want to write a book, but I’ve heard that only a small percentage of them actually sell. If I won’t actually make any money off all the time I’ve spent writing, what’s the point?”

We can’t tell you how many times prospective clients and hesitant first-time authors have voiced this concern to us.

Granted, many books don’t actually generate enough revenue from sales alone to match your salary for the year – let alone the month. However, the benefits they can bring to your business will manifest themselves in a myriad of other ways. Read on to find out how.

To Share Your Knowledge Or Message With The World

If you think you have something important to say, chances are somebody else in the world would agree. Provided you have a unique angle in mind, there is almost always an audience for any possible topic a book could cover – regardless of how obscure yours might be! The tough part is figuring out how to share your knowledge in a manner that people could relate to or in a way that would capture their interest until the very last page.

Have confidence in the information or message you’d like to spread. You already think it’s valuable – now it’s time to convince your future readers to agree. Once you’ve managed to tap into your target audience’s interests and have them read your book, you’ve set the wheels in motion for the marketing process that will soon unfold and help your business flourish.

To Position Yourself As An Expert In Your Industry

There is no better way to become a recognized leader in your niche than by writing a book. The credibility that a published book lends to your name is worth more than any of its sales combined could ever amount to. In fact, it’s best not to look at writing a book as a means to make a lot of money. The true value you’ll gain from it lies in the respect you’ll accumulate from industry peers and future clients.

The book will set you apart from competitors who haven’t written one and will quickly boost your reputation. Of course, this is all being said assuming you’ve published content that provides value to your readers! Being positioned as an expert in your industry will quickly lead to paid speaking opportunities, media appearances, consulting gigs, partnerships and then some.

To Stand Out From Your Competition And Get Noticed

Take a quick minute to Google “(your favorite hobby) + book”. Recognize the top results? Of course you do, because the authors of these books are the ones that receive the most publicity and attention from the media. Let’s take Martha Stewart, for instance. Back when Martha was modelling and trying to decide what she wanted to do in life, she began baking and selling pies at a local fair.

Her pies led to a catering business, which led to her being hired as a party planner. She soon published her first book – Entertaining – which quickly catapulted her to national fame. While her name is recognized internationally nowadays, it’s important to note that she remained largely under the public’s radar right up until she wrote her first book. Coincidence? We think not!

To Attract Your Target Clients & Generate Leads

Writing a book is the single most valuable marketing tool you can use to build your business. 34% of entrepreneurs DOUBLE their rates after publishing one! While that might seem like quite a high number, it makes sense when you really break it down. Your clients figure that if you’ve taken the time out to plan, write and go through the process of publishing a book – you must indeed have something valuable to say.

Of course, not every book is worth reading, but the general public’s sentiment in regards to published authors remains. Your final piece of published work is your greatest ad placement. If done right, it will generate lucrative leads for your business for years to come and attract your target clients – in droves.

To Build Your Personal Brand & Following

Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur who has been self-employed for years and has consistently relied on referrals or new proposals to propel your business forward. It’s worked well for you thus far, but you’re constantly having to seek out new leads on your own and are leaning heavily on your past clients’ word of mouth to develop your business’ image as well as your personal brand.
Writing a book is the quickest way to build an iron-clad personal reputation and develop a global following almost overnight. Your business’ reach will extend far beyond the scale it had previously covered, while the content in your book will become your personal and professional brand’s single greatest asset.

To Attract Speaking Opportunities

Let’s be honest – the true monetary reward of publishing a book comes from the speaking opportunities that blossom from it. While you might make just $3.00 (or often less!) on each copy of your book that you sell, speaking opportunities can pay in the range of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

As mentioned earlier in the post, the act of writing a book implies value. That value, in turn, converts to a heightened public interest in what you have to say – leading to lucrative speaking opportunities. Beyond that, speaking to audience members who have paid to attend your seminar or already have an interest in your niche naturally paves the way for lead generation and new clients.

To Earn Royalties From Book Sales

While the majority of published books don’t make authors rich quick, writing one can be a great way to put a passive stream of income into your pocket. Granted, there are the wildly lucrative J.K. Rowling book sale fairytales of the world – but that can’t happen to all of us!

Nonetheless, if your book sells steadily, you could easily be looking at a few hundred or thousand dollars of income in your pocket every month. That being said, even if you don’t sell a single copy of your book – remember that the credibility, speaking opportunities, new leads and prospective clients it can bring to you despite that can be worth its weight in gold!

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