Do you want to know how to get into the Amazon bestseller charts?

My previous video focused on the truth behind some of the world’s top bestseller charts.  Now, I’m going to share my strategies for turning your dream of becoming a bestselling author into a reality.

The truth is it’s quite simple. Your Amazon book page needs two things:

  1. Traffic
  2. Conversions

Firstly, people need to be continually visiting your book page, and secondly, once they’re there, they need to be purchasing your books. If you can get to this point, you’re in a great position to become an Amazon bestseller.

But how do you achieve this? How do you prepare and position your book for optimum sales?

Let’s first take a more detailed look at conversions.

First impressions count

When someone visits your Amazon page, there’s a number of things they’ll look at before making a final decision to buy. As an author, you have the ability to greatly control this purchase decision by ensuring the following golden rules are met:

  1. Make the cover look attractive
  2. Give your book a catchy title

It’s really important that you don’t miss out on sales by assuming that you’re not as important as someone who’s been published by a large publishing house.

Even as a self-published author, your book can be designed however you want it to be. Take the time and effort to hire designers to create your professional cover to stand proud alongside the most prestigious titles.


This is your platform to showcase your work. Use powerful copywriting language to create interest and display the key points of your book in a simple, eye-catching bullet point format.

Use HTML tags to highlight keywords in bold and italic to ensure that your book’s description is really clear.

Finally, a call to action button is a must as this encourages buyers to scroll up and, crucially, click the buy button.


In our digital world it’s almost impossible to sell anything without social proof. Before you send traffic to your page by running promotions, you’re going to need at least 10-20 positive reviews about your book.

One of the best ways to get these first reviews is to set up a launch team. I’ll be discussing this on a future article and video but to get started, make sure your friends, family and genuine readers of the book leave those very important positive reviews, so you have a solid social proof base before you actively promote the book.

Click Look Inside button

This is a feature that Amazon offers for people to preview your book before they commit to purchasing it. In my opinion, most people make use of this feature as it’s a great way for people to see the first 10% of the book.

This preview will include your book’s contents, foreword, testimonials and usually the first chapter. Because of this, it’s really important to professionally format your book with this 10% preview in mind and I’d definitely recommend that you pay particular attention to writing a beautiful introduction chapter.

This feature allows authors to show readers that your book could be the solution to your book’s topic and showcase why you are the right person for the reader to teach the topic.

By providing a comprehensive overview of exactly what the readers are going to learn from your book, this compels them to purchase.

Author Bio

It’s really important to have a professional headshot taken and have a nicely written bio about yourself. This not only gives you credibility, but it also helps readers to trust you.

Once all of these conversion tasks are complete, you can start focusing on promotions to drive traffic to your Amazon book page.

Driving traffic through ad stacking

Here at Happy Self Publishing, we use a system called ‘ad stacking’ to promote authors books on multiple different websites within short periods of time. The purpose of this is to boost book sales and achieve bestseller status for our authors very quickly.

An example of the kind of sites that we use for these promotions includes the website Book Bub.

These types of sites have huge email lists and large social media followings of genuine buyers of books from Amazon. If your book is on promotion, these sites will let these potential readers know about your discounts on particular days. It’s a great way to boost traffic to your Amazon book page.

Once they arrive on your page and all the information is up to date and ready to convert the buyer, they will buy. This is why it’s important to complete the conversion tasks before addressing traffic to your page.

The benefits of ad stacking

By running promotions across multiple websites in a short period of time, you’re exposing your book to a lot of people within a short duration and this is going to help your book climb up the charts quickly and hopefully hit the Amazon bestseller charts.

The importance of choosing the right category

In order to achieve the best chance of becoming an Amazon bestseller, it’s crucial that you choose the right category for your book. If you choose a very broad and competitive category such as self-help or business and money, it’s going to be a much harder task.

Instead, choose very relevant yet less competitive sub-categories to give you a better chance of achieving that illusive bestseller status.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to choose two categories, but here at Happy Self Publishing we request that Amazon add our client’s books under 10 different relevant categories. By doing this, it multiplies the chances of the book hitting the bestseller list.

How outsourcing can help

This article is all about our secrets to revealing how a book can hit the number 1 charts but in reality, most seasoned authors already know this information.

The reason why many authors don’t put these tips into action is because it can be both time-consuming and overwhelming.

We find that authors can become so busy around the launch of a book that they don’t have the time to fully dedicate to this very important marketing activity.

We are able to take care of this entire promotional process and we make sure your book has the best chance of getting into the Amazon bestseller chart.

If you’d like to discuss your book launch with us please visit, and I look forward to speaking with you.