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Get the visibility and credibility you deserve by hitting the bestseller charts as soon as you launch your book

What’s the purpose of the 8-day Bestseller Promo?

The main purpose of this campaign is to make your book reach the #1 position inside at least 1 relevant category in Amazon.com. This will help you in 2 ways:

  • Gain the initial momentum for the book as soon as it is launched. This will help in the book getting more visibility.

  • You can now call yourself an international bestseller author which will be useful in attracting speaking/coaching opportunities.

If you are expecting to earn a huge royalty during this promotion, that won’t happen because we would be giving the book away for free or at 99 cents (when you’ll earn only 35% as royalties).

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PS. We’ll refund you the full fee if your book does not meet the below mentioned pre-requisities

4 Pre-requisites for your book to get accepted by us to run the promotions

Book's topic

We are very confident about promoting business & self-help books

Book cover

The book cover has to be attractive, else we’ll recommend you to improve it

Amazon reviews

The book should have at least 5 reviews with an average of > 4 stars in the Amazon.com store before we start running the promos

KDP dashboard

We’ll need access to your KDP dashboard for 2 weeks as we may change the categories & keywords and the ebook’s pricing from time to time

How does it work?

We’ll be using promotional websites, social media groups, etc. to run the bestseller promotions. These sites have a huge email list of people who are interested in reading kindle books. When we run a price discount promotion, your prospective readers will be informed about the promotion and those who are interested in your book’s topic will end up buying/downloading the book. When hundreds of people buy the book within a short span of time, the book’s rank will steadily climb and would touch the #1 spot within a few days inside a few categories.

We usually run this promotion as soon as a book is launched. Once you decide the launch date, just let us know. We’ll give you a week’s time to get at least 5 reviews. Then we’ll start contacting these sites. Once we receive the confirmation from the promo sites, we’ll inform you. We’ll give away the book for free for 3 days and for 99 cents for another 5 days so that your book reaches the bestseller spot in both the free as well as paid Kindle store. We’ll work on the best categories which will be suitable for your book and request KDP to add the categories. As the best-seller promotion runs, we’ll keep taking screenshots and send them along with a detailed report to you once the promotion ends. Our goal is to make your book reach #1 in at least one category inside Amazon.

Sign up for our most sought after Amazon Bestseller Promotion Campaign

PS. We’ll refund you the full fee if your book does not meet the above mentioned pre-requisities

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