How To Invite Experts To Be A Part Of Your Book Project

When I published Job Escape Plan: The 7 Steps to Build a Home Business, Quit your Job and Enjoy the Freedom, readers kept asking how I managed to get leading experts such as John Lee Dumas, Steve Scott, Nick Loper, Rob Cubbon, Stefan Pylarinos and others to provide interviews for the book. Then, when my husband Girish Kumar’s book The Marriage Mantra was published, people were once again curious about how he was able to land a foreword from Brian Tracy and interviews with Karan Bajaj, Dave Chesson and 8 other authorities.

It is a known fact that including influencers’ perspectives and testimonials in your book lends you increased credibility as an author and adds more value to the content for readers. Yet while all of that sounds fantastic, how can a first time author with no connections to these experts achieve this?

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5 Reasons Why Aspiring Authors Don’t Finish Writing Their Books

Have you been trying to write a book for years, but keep finding yourself getting lost in the process or being unable to stir up the motivation to deliver a final product? If so, you’re far from the only one.

In fact, only 3% of the aspiring authors who start writing a book end up actually finishing it. Among that 3%, just 20% of the authors manage to publish the content they’ve put countless hours of thought and effort into.

In other words, if 1000 people start writing – only 30 of them finish the book and just 6 of them end up publishing it. Pretty surprising, right?

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6 Elements Of A Bestselling Book Cover

Congratulations! After months of hard work, you’ve managed to finish writing your book. So, now what? Before you can start thinking about marketing it, you’ll need to have a cover designed.

While you might have dozens of ideas of what you want it to look like, it seems next to impossible to pick just one. From fonts to colors and photos, the number of options you have to choose from for your book’s cover makes your head spin. Read More

The 7 Myths That Have Stopped You From Becoming An Author

You’re hoping to writing a book, but the cost of publishing it doesn’t seem worth it.

You have dozens of fantastic ideas to fill its pages with, but you doubt anybody would want to read it.
You’re pretty sure you know your stuff, but you’re definitely not a pro – and there have already been so many books published within your niche.

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How to Get Readers to Finish Your Non-Fiction Book

How to Get Readers to Finish Your Non-Fiction Book

A good nonfiction novel can have one of two effects: it pulls you into the material and holds you there until the end; or, it has a lot of excessive information with overly long paragraphs that run on for pages.

In this post I’ll run through some basics of writing and formatting your nonfiction book so that readers can enjoy the journey and work through your novel from start to finish.

Remember, you want people to read as much as they can. As of July 1st, 2015 Amazon now pays out royalties based on pages read and not by units purchased or loaned. This means less money for you if your book doesn’t get finished. Let’s turn fans into readers that get books finished. Read More

4 Simple Guidelines To Speed Up Your Book Writing Process

4 Simple Guidelines To Speed Up Your Book Writing Process

You wish you could speed it up.

You read all the articles about how to write faster. You even tracked how many words you typed every minute.

But you still can’t do it.

No matter how many times you try to increase it, your writing speed takes a nosedive as soon as you stop paying attention.

On one hand you wish you could publish your book next month, but on the other hand you want to do it justice. It can be hard balancing the two, and I understand how frustrating it can be. Read More

7 Incredibly Simple Ways to Conquer Writer’s Block

7 Incredibly Simple Ways to Conquer Writer’s Block

Admit it…

You’ve caught a bad case of writer’s block.

You fear your work sucks, and there’s no chance of finishing your book.

You’ve listened to podcasts and read books that teach you how to write.

Yet, the words just don’t want to come out, right?

But maybe it’s not you’re fault.

Maybe you just need a few more tools in your writer’s belt. Read More