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The Only Landing Page You Need

If you want to sell your book, this landing page is all you ever need to convert your visitors into paying customers. You want your landing page to work for you not the other way around.

This is the only chance you get right now.


Here's a video of a story of how this book came about and how our design will help your business and your life. We know you hate code and don't want to figure out the design stuff. We get it. Check it out!

"Thanks to this book, I saved hundreds of hours the last months doing things most important to me. Highly recommended!" - Joe Coleman


What You Will Get



A lot of research is done to build a landing page. All our experience came from our other projects too.

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Here's Why It's Awesome

No Work Needed

You enjoy writing, that's what you do. Leave the design to us and let your page do the work for you.

User Friendly

If you really need to adjust the page yourself, it's user-friendly interface let's you do it in minutes.

Beautiful Designs

Our design professionals do the work to figure out what needs to be on the page to convert.

About the Author

Hi! I'm Rudy.

I have been in love with writing since I was 16 and my ambition is always to be a writer.

The book you see here today is based on my experience and personal thoughts I've had over design. I've won 3 best design awards and worked for more than ten corporate companies in their design departments.

The journey has been long but all worthwhile.

My only hope for this book is to help you take the right steps and not make the same mistakes as I have.

Till then, all the best!

Rudy Peterson


There are too many books I want to write. Hope this book serves you well, many more to come!

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"I'm thankful for getting this book in the end."
Megan Sabine