As the bestselling author of Automate Your Routines, Guarantee Your Results, Kathryn Jones has helped countless entrepreneurs and professionals increase their productivity, achieve their goals and automate tasks in order to focus on the bigger picture.  Since self publishing her book, it has hit Amazon’s bestseller list and helped propel her business, Automate Academy, to new heights. We recently sat down with her to learn more about how writing a book helped Kathryn grow both personally and professionally, as well as which tidbits of advice she would give to new authors hoping to do the same.

HSP: What prompted you to write your first book?

KJ: I was getting marketing clients, but I wanted something to set me apart.  I thought that if I had a #1 bestselling book, it would separate me from my competition – and it has!  It is also a nice source of passive income.

HSP: What were the greatest struggles or challenges you faced when writing it?

KJ: I didn’t have a lot of instruction on how specifically to market the book.  So, I had to tap into my expertise and past experience.  Luckily, the same principles work, and I was able to have a #1 bestselling book and a 560+ person launch team!

HSP: What did you wish you had known prior to writing a book?

KJ: How easy it is!  Don’t get me wrong, it is a lot of work.  And, a lot of hard work.  But, with a specific plan and a team to help you, it is very doable.  I procrastinated doing it for so long because I was afraid my goal was unattainable.  It wasn’t.

HSP: How did your book transform your business?

KJ: I am not longer one of the many.  I am a #1 bestselling author.  And, by using my book as a business card, I get business way more frequently.

HSP: Can you highlight a few things that happened after you wrote a book that you wouldn’t have expected?

KJ: So many different ways to expand my business came about.  I was offered speaking gigs, attracted more marketing clients, invitations to guest blog, job offers, etc.  My book literally exploded my professional life, providing me with opportunities I wasn’t expecting.

HSP: What would you do differently if/when writing your next book?

KJ: I would hire two editors to make sure there were no errors left unnoticed.

HSP: How did a self publishing company help your book become a reality?

KJ: They designed my cover and the interior of my book, allowing my vision to become a reality.  It wasn’t until I used Happy Self-Publishing that I finally thought, “Okay, this is happening!”

HSP: What was your single greatest marketing tool when promoting your book?

KJ: Automated email follow-up sequences.  Front-load the work and reap the benefits!

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