Would you like to know how to achieve a successful book launch?

Before your book hits the shelves, you need to build a good launch team to make sure your book gets off to a great start. You’ll also need a launch team to help ensure you receive the support you need as the author.

I’ve seen many book launches over the years and even had a few of my own. The experience has taught me the key steps needed to build a great team and get the most out of your book launch.

There are certain things every successful author should do to ensure a successful book launch, and I’d like to share this knowledge with you today.

Establish a Book Launch Team

The most important aspect of a book launch is your launch team. A launch team is a group of people willing to support you in every possible way during your book launch. They are the people who will have the most significant impact on your launch, so you need to make sure that you have a group of supporters who are ready to set you up for success.

How do I Build a Launch Team?

Building a launch team is vital to your book’s success. If you don’t have a great team to support you, you won’t get the launch of your dreams, and your book sales could suffer. But how do you go about building a launch team if you’re a first-time author?

If you lack a strong readership base, you’ll have to seek and recruit people for your launch team. The best way to do this is to reach out to your followers on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Try to capture people’s attention in a BIG way. An excellent method for this is to share your book cover design with your social following so that people can visualize your book and get excited about the launch.

By building momentum and increasing people’s curiosity, you’ll find it much easier to gain a supportive team for your book launch.

Develop a Landing Page for your Book Launch Team

You should design a simple but effective landing page for recruiting people into your book launch team that includes a bonus for people who sign up to be part of the team. This bonus can be in the form of anything from a ‘behind the scenes’ look into how a book launch is done to free printable downloads.

For example, when I launched my cookbook, ‘Clean Eating Weeknight Dinners,’ the members of my launch team received a weekly meal plan along with a grocery list that they could follow. It’s important to get creative and think of something extra that you can exclusively give to your launch team.

Your landing page should include your book cover image, the extra bonuses that team members will receive and a place for them to leave their contact details.

Ask questions

Once a team member submits their contact details, it’s a good idea to redirect them to another form which can capture additional information. This form will give you the opportunity to ask questions such as:

  • Why do you want to be a member of this book launch team?
  • What are the ways you can help make this book launch successful?
  • Are you able to download the book and leave a review when it is published?
  • Can you connect me to other influencers in the industry?

By asking questions like this, you can discover new ways that team members can be resourceful to you. If a team member is an experienced proof-reader, you can send the final draft of your book to them and get valuable feedback. When you ask questions, you can use the information to help build a database of people who will support you during the launch.

Interact with your launch team

There are lots of ways you can engage with your launch team. You can add each member to a private Facebook group and ask them to partake in a book cover design poll or interact with them further with an exciting webinar.

If you make an effort to engage with your launch team, they’re more likely to return the favor by supporting you and sharing your book with the rest of the world.

Finding members for your launch team as a first-time author

If you’re a first-time author, you won’t need 500 people in your launch team. In fact, 30 to 50 people are more than enough. Your team could be anyone from your close friends to your extended family members and work colleagues etc.

Expand your inner circle and begin reaching out to other potential members. If you have an existing email list, that’s the perfect place to start. Send a short email announcing your upcoming book and ask people to join your launch team. Once you begin reaching out to people, it won’t be long before you get a response.

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