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Get your basics covered!

Author Basics
  • Go for this if your book is already well edited
  • Cover Design
  • Book Interior Design
  • Publishing

Get your basics covered!

Author Essentials
  • Includes everything you need to have your book professionally published!
  • Book Editing
  • Cover Design
  • Book Interior Design
  • Publishing
  • BONUS:
  • Book Title/Sub-Title Feedback
  • Creatives for Social Media

Become a bestselling author!

Author Pro
  • Earn the visibility and credibility you deserve
  • Book Editing
  • Cover Design
  • Book Interior Design
  • Publishing
  • Bestseller Promotions
  • BONUS:
  • Book Title/ Sub-Title Feedback
  • Creatives for Social Media
  • Book Trailer Video
  • Launch Team Creation Tutorial

Become an industry expert!

Author Rockstar
  • Position yourself as a thought leader in your niche
  • Book Editing
  • Cover Design
  • Book Interior Design
  • Publishing
  • Bestseller Promotions
  • Author Website
  • Media Outreach
  • Podcast Interviews
  • BONUS:
  • Book Title/ Sub-Title Feedback
  • Creatives for Social Media
  • Book Trailer Video
  • Launch Team Creation Tutorial
  • Author Branding
  • Extended Distribution

Want to create a customized package?

Sure! We can add or remove some elements from the package to suit your needs


Use just one of our services or select a few of them to create a customized package

Book Editing

Your rough manuscript goes through 3 rounds of editing. In the first round, the editor looks at the content for flow, logic and consistency. Once you make the necessary revisions, copy editing and proofreading are done.

Cover Design

Our cover designers spring into action to create a NY Times bestseller worthy cover that your book deserves. Based on your preference, we’ll send 5 cover concepts and improvise on them till you are 100% satisfied.

Interior Design

The formatter takes the edited manuscript and starts working on the interior design and layout. The book is formatted into a visually appealing PDF for paperback, mobi for Kindle and ePub for other digital platforms.

Book Trailer Video

We create a stunning one-minute animated video trailer for your book to help you create the pre-launch buzz. This will also help you build your launch team.

Bestseller Promotions

We execute an 8-day promotion by advertising your book is dozens of websites and social media groups in order to make it hit the bestseller rank in at least 1 relevant category in Amazon.

Author Website

A high-converting website that showcases your book, your bio, services, testimonials, blog and a lead magnet to convert visitors into clients. We also make book landing pages and free bonus pages.

Media Outreach

We will execute a media outreach campaign that’ll feature your book in hundreds of websites including the top online news publications like NBC, ABC, Fox News, CBS, etc. This will help you position yourself as a thought leader.

Audio Book Publishing

Get your book converted into an audio book with the help of our professional narrators and have it published on Audible. Cater to a fast growing market of people who like to listen rather than read and thereby, add another revenue stream.

Brian Tracy, international speaker and bestselling author, talks about our work


Some of our recently published books

6 Reasons Why Authors who Self-Publish their Book using our Services arehappy

They get to keep the complete Rights and Royalties of their Book.

We are a one-stop destination for online publishing, thereby saving our client’s time.

Every author is given a Project Manager who ensures timely delivery of the project.

They work with our team of experts to produce a high-quality book.

We offer our services at competitive rates, thereby saving our client’s money.

We help in publishing books under 3 formats on Amazon: ebook, paperback & audiobook.

We have served 400+ happy clients from 35 countries so far.


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This is a blog run by self-published authors for self-published authors on book writing, publishing and marketing.

Top blogs of 2018 – that every aspiring author must follow

What you find helpful, inspiring or informative can be a very subjective business, but not knowing where to go when you’re confronted by a writing roadblock is a universally frustrating experience.. One great way to improve your writing is to learn from the best.

Here are five blogs that are not only good examples of excellent blogging but will also help you hone your craft and sell more books.With that in mind, here are five must-read blogs and sites gathered from the cream of the Google search crop

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How to effectively use press releases to promote your book ft. Alan McComas

What is a press release?

Earlier when the news was only on the form of print media i.e newspapers, editors and writers had a certain specific amount of space they could fit a story.  However, with the internet, that is not true. We aren’t space constrained anymore. Writers and journalists are always looking for good story opportunities to post on their publication’s website – no matter the size or amount.  In many cases, any legitimate story is better than no story. Ergo, if one is able to overhaul information about the book into a legitimate format which captures a journalist’s attention, make it so they don’t have to put much work into your article to publish it, and it seems like it would be of interest to their audience. A book press release is a means by which you showcase your book to journalists and news organizations in an interesting manner.  Basically, you’re doing the work for the journalist or news publication by writing it for them. The best news is that most will actually accept the same news story that others have accepted, which is aptly known as mass syndication.

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10 FAQs Every First Time Author Must know

Did you know Cleopatra lived closer to the invention of the iPhone than she did to the building of the Great Pyramid? That’s not the image we have of Cleopatra, do we? – to us, she is associated with slaves building the Egyptian pyramids.

Misconceptions are dangerous things. We too can have wrong thoughts and ideas regarding being first-time authors and concerning getting published. God made us unique and creative after his image. The old adage, “Everyone has at least one good book in them” makes us new authors feel like we are insignificant – just one in six billion.

Our culture tends to define success in some very obvious ways. You are a success if your book becomes a bestseller or wins an award. However, perhaps a better definition of success is simply doing what you were made to do and using your gift with diligence to make a difference in the world through your writing.

Here are 10 FAQs that will help you tread the way:

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Should you hire a book coach and how do they help ft. Azul Terronez

Before we start contemplating on the topic let us first clear the air on what a book coach really is. In fact the job descriptions of a book coach, writing coach and editor are different yet analogous.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Writing Coach

A writing coach will assist you in the actual writing of your book. These folks may have you write a certain number of words, chapters, etc. and then will review what you’ve written. Depending on what you’ve accomplished, they may tell you to move on or do a rewrite to make it right.

Writing coaches can be hired by authors for the entire book development project from initial idea to final manuscript draft. Or, if authors are having difficulty with various passages or some writing technique, they can hire a writing coach to help get clarity, build skill, and get encouragement.

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