Ep 032: Akash Karia: How can authors attract speaking opportunities?

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In this episode, we spoke with Akash Karia to find out how authors can attract speaking opportunities to promote themselves and their work. As the successful author of 23 books, eight of which are consistently on Amazon’s bestseller charts, Akash is also a seminar leader and has been a keynote speaker on several international stages including TedX. He believes that all authors should reach a wider audience by becoming speakers and spreading their message through the world. Join us as he explains why becoming a content marketer in this day and age is the single most effective way to become a bestselling author and tune in as he shares his valuable tips on how to make that happen through public speaking opportunities. Akash helps authors communicate more persuasively in public presentations, encourages them to tell better stories by branding their messages and enables them to sell more effectively and increase their sales.

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