Ep 028: Tom Corson-Knowles: How do I make my book available in different languages?

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As the founder of TCK Publishing, Tom Corson-Knowles has written over 20 books and has made it his mission to help his clients earn a full-time income off of theirs. To increase authors’ revenue flow, one of the approaches he suggests is to sell the foreign language distribution rights to their books. Join us for episode 28 of the Happy Self Publishing Show, where Tom highlights the key tips and tricks to employ to entice foreign publishers to approach you for your book’s distribution rights and have your book sold across international markets.

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6 Foolproof Methods To Uncover Bestselling Ideas For Your Next Book

It’s one thing to write a book, but another to write a book that people will actually want to read.

With thousands of new books being self-published every single day, how do you decide on a topic that will draw in an audience’s interest, set itself apart from the pack and sell?

Deciding on your book’s topic is no easy feat. As an author, you’ll be tied to your work for life – so it had better be good! And you’ll be investing months of your time into the process of writing it, so you should be prepared to spend months living, breathing and dreaming of your subject.

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