Four Disciplines to Become an Author

Has writing a book been on your bucket list for years?

Would you like 2018 to be the year of change? The year that you make it happen and finish your bestseller?

Last year, on almost a daily basis, aspiring authors got in touch with me from around the world. They all had one thing in common – they wanted to write and publish a book. They booked meetings with me and joined my email list – enthusiastic about their book ideas.

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Ep 008: Lise Cartwright: How does one become an author if they don’t have the time or skills to write?

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In Episode 8, we sit down with Lise Cartwright to discuss alternative options to becoming an author for those who don’t have the time or skills to write.  Lise quit her job five years ago to become a full-time freelance writer. Since then, she has authored and impressive 28 books – and plans to write 10 more in 2017 alone! She also runs Hustle & Groove, a consulting business that helps convert blogs into profitable side businesses. Join us as Lise explains the difference between being a writer and an author, presents the option of “speaking” your book and highlights the power that angel writing services can provide to those who simply aren’t gifted with the written word.
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How To Effortlessly Author A Book Without Writing It

As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, the reality is that not everybody is an author. While almost all of us have an important message or valuable knowledge to share, there will always be a select few people that are more talented at writing than others. And that’s ok! If we all shared the same skill set, the world would be a much less interesting place.

If you’ve got an incredible idea for a book but are struggling to go through the motions of writing it, angel writing just might be the ideal solution for you to put words to paper (or, in this day and age, screen) and get your work published! Here’s what it entails and why it is a great service for those who struggle with writing or simply don’t have the time to do it.

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