How Do I Make My Book Available in a Different Language? – Tom Corson Knowles

If you have gone through the process of self-publishing a book, you probably have spent hours making decisions about e-publishing and print publishing, promoting your book, and then waiting for the sales to come in. You may have been working on expanding your market to help generate more sales.
Expanding to a new language market is a huge and exciting step for all authors. By translating your book into a new language, you give it the potential to expand its reach to hundreds of thousands of new readers. You should be aware, however, that translation is only one step in the process of bringing your book to a new audience.

Now that your book is published, you have a larger audience to tap into in other countries. And this now presents a whole new set of challenges.

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Challenges Faced by Self-Publishing Authors

The grand deal about self-publishing is how easy it is to do. If one really wants to put their work out there, they can. One can write it and format it and design a basic cover and publish all by themselves.

The horrible thing about self-publishing is how easy it is to do. Anyone can write a book, format it, design a basic cover, and hit publish.

The thing is, even though it’s easy to do and there are not gatekeepers holding you back, self-publishing is not something everyone should do.

With the rise of the Internet, self-publishing has become a viable route to success for many authors. While many famous writers still follow the traditional path collaborating with agents, editors, publishers, and marketers, there is no denying publishing by yourself is an attractive option as well. However, self-published authors wear all of the hats during this process, and that leads to several challenges and obstacles that they must overcome.

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How Can Authors Start a Podcast?

Podcasts are more relevant than ever. As an author you likely have a story to tell, expertise to share, and a unique perspective to discuss. You may want to consider creating a podcast as a vehicle for reaching readers and strengthening your platform. Here’s a beginner’s guide on how to start your own author-hosted podcast.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an audio file that can be streamed and distributed through the internet. This format can include talk shows, radio shows, interviews, lectures, and more, covering a wide variety of topics. One of the main benefits of podcasts is that they can be accessed on demand, meaning listeners can tune in at their convenience.

The first step in starting a podcast is similar to writing and publishing a book—you have to set goals and understand what it takes to reach them:

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Ep 017: Hynek Palatin: How do I ensure that my book is well-formatted?

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Prague-based Hynek Palatin is a self-published book author and designer who specializes in e-book and paperback formatting. Join us as he highlights what authors should look out for when formatting their book and shares his valuable tips and tricks for creating the most attractive manuscript possible. Having designed a multitude of projects, Hynek is a leading authority on formatting and can help authors ensure that their book’s interior design is professional, consistent and well-executed.
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Ep 014: Michal Stawicki: How to get the best ROI from Amazon ads?

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Not a natural marketer? Join us as we interview Michal Stawicki to learn how to see your best-ever ROI on Amazon ads. As a serial entrepreneur and author, Michal has written an impressive 15 books in the past three years along and is the founder of In this episode, he explains how to experiment with Amazon ads to boost your book’s search ranking and see an overall increase in sales. Michal highlights all of the details you’ll need to know, from how to set up the ads to how to research which keywords to include in them, how to set keyword prices and more.
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8 Habits You Need To Break To Achieve Your Highest Ever Productivity Levels

Writer’s block and procrastination are two of the chief nuisances we hear about in our clients’ lives on a regular basis. From hitting a creative wall and being seemingly unable to move forward from it or relentlessly avoiding deadlines, these two grievances are easily the greatest obstacles that most authors face. We’ve all been there at some point or another, and have paid close attention to what works and what hasn’t while trying to get ourselves out of the unproductive mess we’ve found ourselves in.

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Ep 012: Jaya Ramachandran: When there are so many books written by experts, who will read my book?

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In episode 12 of our podcast, we sat down with Jaya Ramachandran to discuss how authors can overcome self-doubt and stop comparing themselves to experts within their niche. As the bestselling author of Bounce Back With Power, Jaya Ramachandran quit her 9 to 5 job and has since become a serial entrepreneur in the self-development and coaching space. She highlights the importance of finding your authentic voice as an author, connecting with your audience and sharing content from your own perspective in order to produce a book that ultimately stands out from the pack.
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