Ep 006: Jagadhees Thirumoorthy: How to create the discipline to write a book in spite of having a full-time job?

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Writing a book is one of the most time consuming tasks an individual can take on. It requires time, patience and energy – all of which is made more difficult when we have a multitude of other commitments to keep to in life! In today’s episode, we sit down with Jagadhees Thirumoorthy to discuss how he created the discipline to write his book, Conquer Your Dreams, in spite of having a full-time job as a marine engineer.

Join us as we discuss the three questions we ask ourselves before forming habits, including What, How and Why. Jagadhees explains that habits can become second nature to us if they’re backed by a strong enough cause and deadline,  and highlights how his often lonely environment at sea helped him achieve his book writing goals.
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