As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, the reality is that not everybody is an author. While almost all of us have an important message or valuable knowledge to share, there will always be a select few people that are more talented at writing than others. And that’s ok! If we all shared the same skill set, the world would be a much less interesting place.

If you’ve got an incredible idea for a book but are struggling to go through the motions of writing it, angel writing just might be the ideal solution for you to put words to paper (or, in this day and age, screen) and get your work published! Here’s what it entails and why it is a great service for those who struggle with writing or simply don’t have the time to do it.

It’s authorship without the writing

Some people just really don’t like writing, which is understandable. Others have a hard time with it due to difficulty focusing, or challenges such as dyslexia. Unlike ghost writing, a process in which your book is completely outsourced to a freelancer, angel writing ensures that your tone of voice is kept firmly throughout the final published book without requiring you to write a single word! In order to do so, you’ll be interviewed 5 to 6 times by an angel writer via phone or Skype.

In your initial consultation call, you’ll have selected a topic for your book as well as decided on a table of contents – which the writer will base his or her interview questions on. From there, your interviews will be recorded and transcribed so that the content of your book remains as authentic as possible! The angel writer will then edit the transcription into content that flows well to the reader, and will work with you until you’re satisfied with the final compiled result.

It’s authorship without the time commitment

Let’s face it, most of us are busy – really, REALLY busy. Especially useful for entrepreneurs or professionals whose chaotic days are filled with the responsibilities of running their well-oiled machines, angel writing allows you to publish a book without the time constraints that usually surround the process. With the most productive authors being able to write a book within a few weeks, the majority of first time authors can take months or even years to finish theirs. Many people turn to angel writing services because they feel that 5 or 6 Skype interviews, however long, are a much better use of their limited availability than the act of typing out thousands of words.

It finds the words you were looking for

Everybody is familiar with that one friend or family member who is a riot in person, but sends dry, one-line text messages or e-mails. While you have fantastic knowledge or a fascinating story to share and can jubilantly explain it in person, sometimes all emotion and detail goes straight out the window when it comes time to write things down. With angel writing, you can focus on getting everything you want to say out over the phone, while trusting in the editing of your transcribed voice recordings to get your message across. Your character and personality will be fully preserved and apparent in your book, which might not have happened had you written it the traditional way.

It allows the final result to be entirely yours

While ghostwriting has certainly produced some incredible books, it always leaves the person whose name is on the book feeling as though the content isn’t really theirs. The final result might be great, but knowing that somebody else wrote the entire thing has to feel exceptionally strange for whoever will be promoting it as their own. With angel writing, authors can walk away from the process knowing that every thought or idea in the text came straight from them. The content is 100% original, and a transcription process did most of the writing before an editor fine-tuned the flow and details. Authors who have published angel written work can feel a sense of pride knowing that their book really is their baby and not just something they paid somebody else to create.

Happy Self Publishing has recently launched an angel writing service, after our founder Jyotsna Ramachandran heard of the concept from Book In A Box and subsequently angel wrote her dyslexic husband Girish Kumar’s bestselling book, The Marriage Mantra.

We offer a full service angel writing service, starting with an initial consultation call straight through until the final edited result and book cover design. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or visit our angel writing page for more information!

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